Moodmacher Lightroom Presets

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    The MOODMACHER Lightroom Presets: 10 of my latest Lightroom Presets for the Moody Bangers you always wanted to post on your Gram! 

    What's inside?

    • 10 Presets for Adobe Lightroom (.xmp files)

    Whether you use them as a starting point for your own edits or to bulk-edit your photos with ease. These Lightroom Presets work great with a variety of photos like Landscape, Outdoor & Portrait Photography.

    To get the best results, I did NOT included EXPOSURE, WHITE BALANCE, TINT or a lot of GRAIN in the Presets. Make sure to play around with these settings to your needs. Especially adjusting Temperature to the right and adding some Contrast can help a lot.

    How to use the Presets on Lightroom Mobile

    To get the best results you should always shoot in RAW and play around with Temperature, White Balance and Exposure. Often you get perfect results by adjusting these sliders after applying the preset.