In-Camera Film Looks for Canon Cameras

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Tired of Color Grading your Personal Video Projects or 10-second long Reels?
Me too. Shooting in LOG-profiles maybe gives you that extra flexibility in Post Production but to be honest: Taking care of the correct exposure while run’n gun shooting can be nerve-wrecking. Also nobody gives a f@ck about dynamic range on your Social Media Content or Vlogs. 

That’s why I created 6 Picture Styles for your Canon Camera which give you my signature Film Look directly in-camera.

Achieve a professional, Cinematic Film Look in-camera without the need to use LOG-Profiles or Color Grading in Post Production. 
Perfect for Short Form Content, Vlogs and personal/artistic Video & Photo Projects, these Picture Styles will save you time and give you a cinematic base-grade baked into your footage. 

- 6 Cinematic Film Looks (.pf3 Picture Style files)
- Installation Guide
- Bonus Content

Works with every Canon Camera that supports .fp3 Picture Styles like:
Canon R7, R6, R5, R3, 5D Mark IV, 7D, M50 …

The best thing? You can use them for Videos as well as for your Photography.
Just enable JPG + RAW shooting for Photos if you want the style to be applied to the JPG and still have the RAW if you need to edit it with more flexibility.
For Video it can be used on every codec, resolution and format.