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Vintage Frame Rate Effect | FCPX

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This effect lets you easily change the frame rate of a clip or video within Final Cut Pro X as it’s not possible to do this natively in FCPX.

Old cameras (SUPER 8 or 16mm Film) often filmed in Frame Rates of 18 FPS or even less. To achieve this effect in Final Cut Pro you would need to set your Project fps to 18 frames per second which is not possible.

With this Effect for Final Cut Pro X you can easily fake this look by dragging a single effect onto your footage and adjust the exact frame rate you want to “fake”. Your native timeline still works normally (24 or 25 fps) so it’s easy to mix your vintage film footage with normal clips.

What's inside?

  • Vintage Frame Rate Effect for FCPX for 24fps and 25fps timelines (.moef files)
  • Tutorial on how to install

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