Create stunning Videos with my private collection of 350+ assets for Filmmakers.

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The Master Bundle for Filmmakers and Video Editors by Christian Maté Grab

The Master Bundle for Filmmakers & Digital Creatives.

I've created a Bundle containing my best assets for professional Filmmakers & Photographers. From hand crafted Transitions & Titles to analog Film Overlays, High Quality Sound Effects and cinematic LUTs that help you to bring your Video and Photo Editing to the next level.

What's inside the Bundle?

Master Bundle for Filmmakers - Cinematic Video Transitions

60+ Transitions

Drag & Drop .MOV Transitions for your Video Projects that work in every Video Editing Software (FCPX, Premiere Pro, DaVinci). Beautiful hand-crafted Overlays in 4K that will blow your client's minds.

Master Bundle for Filmmakers - Sound Effects, Risers, Transitions & Hits

250+ Sound Effects

Risers, Impacts, Hits, Undertones and a Bonus Pack that make your Videos feel like a Netflix Documentary. Mixed and mastered to perfection as lossless .WAV files.

Master Bundle for Filmmakers - Film Overlays

15 Film Overlays

Let Nostalgia kick in with these grainy, grungy and filmic Video Overlays. Vintage Grain, scratched film and that Retro touch at your fingertips.

Master Bundle for Filmmakers - Cinematic Titles for FCPX

12 Cinematic Titles

Cinematic Titles for Final Cut Pro X. Drag & Drop onto your timeline and create Openers, Titles and Subtitles in seconds.

iPhone Apple Log Cinematic LUTs

30 Cinema LUTs

My best Cinematic LUTs. Just chose between LOG or rec.709 and drop the LUT onto your footage to speed up your Color Grading workflow.

Master Bundle for Filmmakers - Vintage Photo Overlays

50 Photo & PNG Overlays

Get the analog film look with these Dirt & Grain Overlays or create beautiful Photo Effects with my manually scanned ripped-paper Textures, Dust & Scratches.

Animated Sketches

Drag & Drop those animated sketches onto your Videos. Change the blend mode. Done. Use them as openers, transitions or to highlight a specific part by adding tracking.

Editable Thumbnails

15 fully editable Thumbnails and Titles. Just open the .PSD file up in Photoshop and customize them to your needs to create eye-catching openers or Youtube Thumbnails.

Lightroom Presets

My Moodmacher & Cali 2.0 Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop Photo Editing. Made for Moments that matter the most.

Master Bundle for Filmmakers - Voiceover Preset

Audio Presets

Enhanced clarity, compression and limiting helps you to achieve the Broadcast-Sound! Just drag & drop this FCPX Audio Preset onto your Audio Clips to get brilliant sounding Voiceovers with a click.

Master Bundle for Filmmakers - Motion Blur Final Cut Pro X

Motion Blur

You ever wanted to add some motion blur to your footage that was shot in 60fps or even more to make it look more organic? Just drag this "Title" onto your Clips in Final Cut Pro X.

Master Bundle for Filmmakers - Tutorials


Each folder contains a detailed Video Tutorial on how to install and use the corresponding assets from the Bundle and make your own variations.

Step up your editing workflow with the Master Bundle.